At ‘my ELT pro,’ we understand the demands of busy professional lives and prioritize flexibility in scheduling coaching sessions. Unlike many other schools, we recognize that adult learners often face challenges in following fixed schedules. Our experienced coaches embrace this reality and have adapted their approach accordingly. Throughout our years of working with professionals, we have observed the need for flexibility when it comes to lesson times and days. That’s why, at the end of each week’s session, our coaches and participants collaboratively determine the schedule for the following week. This approach ensures that we provide the necessary flexibility, to a certain extent, to our students, allowing them to choose the most convenient times for their lessons.

We believe that maximum flexibility is essential because it allows our trainees to engage in lessons when they are most alert and receptive, rather than when they are exhausted after a long day of work. By accommodating their schedules, we can optimize their learning experience and achieve outstanding results in a shorter timeframe. At ‘my ELT pro,’ we prioritize your convenience and strive to deliver the best outcomes for our participants.