General English

General English Lessons are the basis for the development of a high command of the language. All learners have to acquire an adequate level of the English language in order to communicate more effectively through the medium of the English language.

Therefore, the first step is to find out the level of each of our student before any lessons actually take place. In this way you teacher will form a plan about the curriculum that has to be covered during the lessons. In this way you will practice what you already know well, but your teacher will focus more on grammar and vocabulary mistakes that you make frequently. You have to keep in mind that mistakes are a very important part of the learning process.

You will also study vocabulary and expressions that will help you sound more fluent/native. You will practice very thoroughly speaking and listening. You can also practice reading and writing depending on your needs.

You will be learning English that can be used in your every-day life.

The lessons will be relevant to your needs and interests. In this way you will be learning in a fun way.

Every human being learns at a different pace. Some thrive when under pressure, while others prefer to take their time. The lessons will take place at a pace that matches your learning style. This is the whole point of one-to-one lessons, after all.

Embrace your mistakes and in this way your teacher will help you correct them. This will build your confidence and assist you to achieve your desired level of English.