10-Week Business English Communication Programme

During the first part of the 10-week business English communication programme you will be receiving training by which you will be expanding your vocabulary in order to build confidence when speaking in business meetings and interviews.

Then we will focus on pronunciation. You will gradually develop clear and natural pronunciation.

Then you will be taught how to deliver presentations effectively.

Finally, we will be concluding the programme by teaching you how to write and respond to professional e-mails.

The aforementioned components of the programme will provide you with all the tools you need to improve your communication abilities and, as a result, your confidence in your current or potential workplace.

When giving presentations and speeches, your newly acquired skill set will boost your confidence. A favourable first impression can be made with good communication skills, whether at a business meeting or a corporate social gathering. It will be invaluable when you move to another country or work for a multinational corporation.

This is the only training you will need to significantly improve your business English communication skills. It brings together more than two decades of coaching and business experience.

Feel free to contact us in order to provide you with a more thorough analysis of the course.