Business English for Logistics

Business English lessons for logistics and imports/exports professionals.

All professionals that aim to launch a career in international trade, logistics, or, imports/exports will benefit the most from this course.

Particularly, young professional starting at junior positions, or intermediate managers that are targeting to change careers from general management to international sales, logistics, and imports/exports.

We will go through terms used in the above sectors. If required, we will go through/cover all the essential documentation and Incoterms that are required in order to pursue a career in logistics.

Similarly, to our general business English course we go through basic grammatical phenomena, if required. The objective is to speak correctly and therefore improve our students’ overall mastery of the English language.

Finally, we cover the topics of giving presentations and professional e-mail writing.

Every sequence of lessons will be put together based on our students’ needs.

Feel free to contact us is order to discuss your situation and figure out what is best for you.