‘my ELT pro’ is an innovative school which targets professionals that aspire to improve their command of the English language in order to seek employment or further study abroad. We specialise in the niches of exam preparation and English for business communication. It is the ‘power’ of acquiring a high command of the English language, that sets apart users of the language that aspire to move to an English-speaking country permanently.

The teachers of ‘my ELT pro’ provide our students with all the training that is required in order to acquire a high level of competency regarding the English language. As a result, our students excel in exams that lead to highly sought-after English language competency certificates that are absolutely vital in order to excel in the business world.

Regarding English for business communication, we cover materials that contain business terms and vocabulary that is essential for business communication. We have included a general business communication course that covers all aspects of business such as management, marketing, finance, sales, etc. In this course basic business communication skills are included, such as, giving presentations or putting together e-mails when communicating with clients or fellow business professionals.

We have also included a more specific course aiming at business professionals that work within the

Logistics and Exports/Imports sectors. The course provides all the specific terms essential for working within this sector.

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