Our Community

Our community is comprised of professionals from various backgrounds that need to use the English language fluently and with confidence in order to co-exist with native English speakers, or simply perform transactions with other business professionals and clients on a global scale.  Being fluent in English as a professional, equals going from local to global. Consequently, most professionals in order to climb the corporate ladder have to be able to communicate in English.

All the teachers of ‘my ELT pro’ have as their prime target to pass on to their students the knowledge and the confidence to communicate in English fluently. In this way, they will be able to follow their dreams and create the life they have dreamed of. A high command of the English language can be life-changing in today’s globally interconnected world. The trust and the confidence to do business with one another is mostly affected by effective communication. The point is to be able to get the message through in order to be able to perform any kind of business transaction. We at ‘my ELT pro’ can help you achieve

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